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Bay & Bow Windows in Dallas, TX

Create an inviting living space with Window World’s Bow & Bay Windows, which add natural light into your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

Natural Light Opens Your Living Space
Bring The Outside In
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At Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth, the expanded viewing area of our bow and bay windows allows you to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenes so you can feel more in tune with nature. In addition, these windows are energy efficient and insulated so you’ll stay comfortable all year long. Choose from a variety of color options, including woodgrains, to enhance the style of your home. Benefits include:

  • Available in double-hung, casement and fixed lite styles
  • Welcome natural light inside
  • Offer expanded views
  • Create depth in your living space

Bay and bow window colors to meet your specific taste.

Color Options

Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

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Additional Benefits

Multi-channel design adds extra insulation
Superior strength from slimline reinforced mullion design
Won’t sag or bow for extreme durability
Resistant to peeling, chipping, cracking and warping
Backed by our limited lifetime warranty

What is energy efficiency?

Energy-Efficient Windows

When it comes to your home, energy-efficient windows require less energy to heat your space than traditional products. That means savings on your monthly bills and comfort year-round.

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Your Questions, Answered

Bay & Bow Window FAQs

What is a bay window?

Both bay and bow windows extend outwards from the home, creating a 3 dimensional impression. Bay windows typically consist of three windows. The middle window is often static, while the windows on the sides offer ventilation. Bay windows are defined by the sharp angles between the windows and their geometric appearance.

What is a bow window?

Bow windows are often made up of more than three window panes with more subtle angles that give them a unique, rounded appearance.

How are bay windows constructed?

Bay windows are composed of three windows that come together to form a single complete unit. The middle window is often a fixed, picture window that allows for a wide, unobstructed view. The windows on either side are typically double-hung or casement style windows that can be opened and closed for ventilation.

How can you decorate a bay window?

Bay windows offer the opportunity for a wide range of design elements and unique styles. That being said curtains are the most popular and arguably the best-suited window treatment for bay windows.

How can you decorate a bay window ledge?

Bay and bow windows offer a wide ledge that is ripe for decoration. The opportunities are endless, but some common decor elements include decorative pillows and cushions, plants, candles, lamps, and more!

Can I replace normal windows with bay or bow windows?

Yes. Many times the space left from an old window will allow for bay or bow windows to be installed, but if necessary Window World can adjust your opening to fit any window you desire.

What is the difference between bay and bow windows?

Bay windows are composed of three separate windows, angled like an isosceles trapezoid. Bow windows are composed of 4 or 5 separate windows.

What are the features of bay & bow windows?

Bay and bow windows feature:

  • 3″ pre-insulated seatboard option helps increase energy savings
  • An expanded view to bring additional light into your home
  • Extruded vinyl frames and sashes to help increase energy efficiency
  • Slimline reinforced mullion design for added strength
  • Adjustable turn-buckle cable hanging system to eliminate sagging and bowing.
  • Color-coordinated, maintenance-free interior laminate surface

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

The crew was polite and respectful. They did an excellent job removing the window and installing my bay window. It is beautiful and my house upgrade was definitely worth it. They did the work in a timely manner and left the area clean from all debris. Hugo and his helper answered all questions as I watched them work. I am extremely pleased with their workmanship. I would recommend this crew. Awesome job.
Ellen G.
The windows are beautiful and the installation was fast, and I mean really fast ! Those guys came in and took out 7 windows and replaced them in under an hour . Wow! Window World is by far the best bargain for high grade windows. This was my first purchase and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs replacement windows. Thanks again, Windows World!
Patrick C.
The windows look great. It’s amazing how much quieter our house is with the new windows. The little bit of damage caused from removing old windows was fixed efficiently and effectively. I would recommend Window World to others without hesitation.
Patty G.

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